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Several years ago, Sophie started donating her tips towards helping one particular school, called Karnadhar, in Palpa District in South West Nepal. Soon, Sophie’s staff and clients were contributing towards the growing fund, which encouraged Sophie to start organising charity events from the salon. An ‘in-house’ competition in 2008 raised £1,700. The support for Karnadhar school grew to such an extent that we are now also supporting 3 other communities in the region; Shiminagar, near Butwal, Aarkhala and Ecklai Buur. In Oct 2009, our first ‘Sophie Butler Fashion Extravaganza’ at The Old Course Hotel raised a massive £5,000!

Shiminagar is a community which is made up of Nepal’s own refugees, people made homeless by natural disaster such as flood or landslide or displacement through Indian encroachment on the neighbouring border. A water pump has recently been installed enabling residents access to nearby standpipes and there is now electricity for those who can afford a meter.

A small school which affords only a shaded area for pre school children is run by three volunteer teachers. The Village Development Committee is working to improve this growing community and with help from Sophie’s funds an Office building has been constructed. This has become a venue for a women’s group to meet and be educated.

Aarkhala is the remote village where, with the financial support of the Cupar Rotary Club, a solar powered water project was completed.
From the outset we have supported the small school which caters for just two classes to save the young children a two hour walk to and from the nearest primary school. Our support consists of providing some funding for the school teachers, local women who already have their School Leavers Certificate, and providing text books, exercise books, pencils and uniform.

Ecklai Buur is another small hamlet with a primary school which has no government support and which now, thanks to Sophie and her donors, have a third teacher. This little school was started for poor, low caste families who received no education and had little opportunity to better themselves or even improve their lives.

“For the past 5 years, we have supported these communities. We feel very grateful for all the sponsorship and support many of you give us each year. From all the children and all of us, thank you.”- Sophie

To find out more about the work being done in Nepal, visit www.thepalpatrust.com

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