Pls order the high res material from folder 2. Comm. Fund. to create your promotion material. is a revolutionary product in the world of hairdressing.  This product can be added to either Koleston Perfect or Illumina and allow the stylist to create multi-tonal hair and blend one colour harmoniously next to another without the use of foils and without the worry of one colour bleeding into the next.*

This has turned the process of colouring upside down and allows stylists to be more creative with hair colouring.

* Shades of up to 3 levels of depth apart. Exception: not recommended when using extreme tonal differences such as vibrant reds and blondes. is part of our Couture Colour service.  Couture Colour is a bespoke service that contains our most premium colours for an added £ 5 per application.CCS_Logo_87_TX