Colour WOW!

Colour Wow!

The quickest way to cover up roots instantly!

Colour Wow is a mineral powder which has been developed to cover roots quickly and easily at home.  Even blondes can benefit with the powder covering dark roots and re-growth!  The powder is non-sticky, oily or stiff and stays put until you shampoo.

color-wow The powder comes in a 6 different shades; platinum, blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black, and even covers pesky grey hairs!

Applying is easy – make sure your hair is clean and dry before starting.  Put a small amount of powder onto the brush provided and apply where necessary.  The powder sticks to hair but not on top of powder so only use a small amount.

These compacts are brilliant if you have a last minute invite and no time for a hair appointment!





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