Moroccanoil® was introduced to Sophie Butler Hairdressing and we have fallen in love!  We use the Moroccanoil® on the salon floor as well as retailing it.  The treatment comes in original and light – long gone are the days when hair oils meant heavy, greasy liquid that weighed your hair down!

Each bottle contains omega-3 oils, fatty acids and vitamins which give shine, antioxidants for protection as well as transporting lost protein for strength.  Moroccanoil® can be used on towel dried hair or after styling to add shine and control frizz.

Moroccanoil Light® has the same beneficial factors as Moroccanoil® but is better suited for people with fine hair or lighter coloured hair, as it is lightweight and paler in colour.

Ask your stylist to try Moroccanoil® at your next appointment!

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