System Professional


System Professional believe that your hair is as unique are your fingerprint and is why they have introduced an individualised EnergyCode™ Mapping to determine your unique energy profile.  From the diagnosis we can prescribe a system of treatments that are tailored to your specific hair & scalp needs.

Your unique care system us made up from a range of products from the extensive System Professional care range, with over 170 million possible combinations.  This helps us to ensure truly effective results by providing you with a highly personalised care regime.

The System Professional range is organised into four categories: Derma, Fibra, Forma and Extra.  These correspond to the steps of the EnergyCode™ Mapping.  Starting from the scalp (Derma), moving to the hairstructure (Fibra) and finally analysing the hair texture and cuticle (Forma).  In some cases your System Professional stylist may propose exclusive high-performance products for an increased result (Extra).

The EneryCode™ Mapping consists of your stylist working through a series of questions and evaluating what your hair needs.  Once you have your unique EnergyCode™, we can offer in-salon treatments as well as home care products for you to use in between appointments.

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